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(c) = customizable
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(c) Child ID Kits
Child Identity Kits
Child ID Cards
Child Medical Cards
Kid ID Cards
Kid ID DNA Cards
(c) C.S.I. Cards
(c) C.O.P.S. Cards
(c) E.M.S. F.I.R.E. Cards
Postcard Identification
Teen ID Cards
Personal ID Cards
S.A.F.E.R. Shoe ID


Child Fingerprint Cards
(c) F.I.N.D. Fingerprint Cards
(c) C.S.I. Fingerprint Cards
(c) C.O.P.S. Fingerprint Cards
(c) E.M.S. F.I.R.E. Fingerprint Cards
Family Fingerprint Cards
Applicant Fingerprint Cards
Elderly-Disabled Cards

(Footprint-Hand Print)

Baby Footprint Cards
Handprint Cards


Medical ID Cards
Help M.E. Cards
CPR Cards
First Aid Cards
CPR/First Aid Cards


Pet ID Cards
Pet CPR Cards


Placemats / Activities
(c) Safety Decks of Cards
Window Signs
Shooting Targets

We have designed our identification, safety and educational products so they now can be easily downloaded by you. Do you need one of these identification products today or for an event in the next few days? If so, we can provide you with what you want and need today with a download designed specifically for you. Affordable, accessible and easy to do.

Select the product you are looking for in our column on the left and click on the link to view more information about the download. When you find what you want, complete, print and make our do it yourself identification.

Our identification downloads contain electronic fields which allow you to type in them to complete the requested information. Within minutes you can have your completed identification download in hand.

For businesses, we offer our postcard identification mailers. Show your customers you appreciate them and care about their well-being by providing them with a thank you postcard that is an identification kit.

• Our C.O.P.S., E.M.S. F.I.R.E., F.I.N.D. and C.S.I. brand name downloads can now be customized by you. You can add your agency or business name on the front of them! You can also customize our safety decks of cards for children. Kids will learn safety tips using these decks when they play cards or board games.

Thanks for visiting us here at, your place for instant on the spot digital identification and educational safety products, with original exclusive brand names, at economical prices.

Don't forget to save us to your favorites and tell friends about us. You can also print our complete product list in pdf format above. Download now, save substantial time and money!

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